Below is the default style and base price for characters, if you are a private individual looking for a private use of my work. If you are a professional looking for a commercial use, send me an e-mail with your project, budget and deadline.

Payment upfront, no refunds, personal use only

Base Prices (EUR)HeadshotHalfbodyFullbody
Sketch and Colors35€60€80€
Line and Colors70€120€160€

To commission me, you have to prepare a brief about your character : it can be a text description, with visual refs, photos, drawings or even a stickman doodle of the pose you want.
The better the description, the closer I can draw from what you have in mind.
After reading the brief, I can raise the base price according to the additional details you want.
To commission me, you can either use the commission feature of my Ko-Fi
or send me an email at [email protected].