Garnouille Art

French Freelance Illustrator and Character Artist


I love working on characters and creatures, giving them life with simple sketches or detailed charadesign.


Bigger projects are the opportunity to create not only charadesigns but worldbuilding.


Prices and how to commission me for your characters or commercial project.


What I prefer about working for Tabletop RPG clients is the diversity of the characters I have to illustrate : so many species, cultures, genres, bodytypes, sexualities, personalities...
I love adding details in the costume and equipment that tell the story of the character.

The Reference sheet of a character can show a complete turnaround, different outfits or different layers of an armor.

Working on groups can be an opportunity to show the relationships of the characters : lovers, partners in crime, true friends... or rivals.

Adding a background helps telling more details about the character : where he comes from, where he is now, or how he feels.



A french indie Tabletop RPG written by Sylvain Garnier, with elemental creatures and magic.

Daughters of the coral

My love for the ocean and female pinups became a personal worldbuilding project about mermaids.


Elestria is a french indie TTRPG written by Sylvain Garnier and published by Les éditions du Cristallium.
It's a fantasy narrative game where players can manipulate the elements to solve problems and explore the world.


I've worked on all the playable character races : from the first sketches to the final illustration. Below you'll find the Sybils, the Genies, the Geneasis, the Oracles, the Humans, and the Corrupted.


I've worked on some of the creatures from Elestria : mainly mounts and monsters.


I've also worked on some items for the author : cristals, flowers, elemental books...


An illustration of a magic portal from the game.

Daughters of the coral

I've in love with mermaids for a long time, and it shows in many personal projects.

Daughters of the coral

The most recent project I'm currently world building. It's not finished yet, as many pages are still on progress.

  • Eel Engraver and Bones fields

  • Lionfish Priestess and Coral Church

  • Nautilus Grower and Farm Fields

  • Orca Collector and ex-Huntress and her Lair

Tarot cards : Beauties from the abyss

A school project done for my diploma in 2020. It's a serie of underwater pinups that was left unfinished.

mermay 2019

A small challenge of May, I tried to draw a mermaid per day.


Below is the default style and base price for characters, if you are a private individual looking for a private use of my work.

Base Prices (EUR)HeadshotHalfbodyFullbody
Sketch and Colors35€60€80€
Line and Colors70€120€160€

Payment upfront, no refunds, personal use only

To commission me, you have to prepare a brief about your character : it can be a text description, with visual refs, photos, drawings or even a stickman doodle of the pose you want.
The better the description, the closer I can draw from what you have in mind.
After reading the brief, I can raise the base price according to the additional details you want.

You can then send me the brief via e-mail here :

What MUST be in the brief :

  • Game or World Setting

  • Name, Age and Genre

  • Race or Culture

  • Occupation or Class

  • At least a global description of the costume/armor

  • At least the global colors you want to see in the design

If relevant, don't forget :

  • Magic effect

  • Specific artefact

  • Weapons or equipment

  • Wings or extra limbs

  • Familiar

  • If the commission has to be kept private

If you want anything else, don't hesitate to ask via e-mail to have a specific invoice. If you are a professional looking for a commercial use, send me an e-mail with your project, budget and deadline.